@All - Here Comes The Team Version of Matteroom Compare

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@All - Here Comes The Team Version of Matteroom Compare 
Matteroom Compare - The document comparison tool has been on the line and has received rave reviews. Recently, the Matteroom Compare team has responded to the voices of users and launched the Matteroom Compare team version. Attention! The highlights ahead are spoilers!
  • User Management
As a team version, there is of course a leader, the administrator can associate multiple users, and the invited new user can also use the administrator's account balance. (That is the money of the boss! Hold your thighs!) Of course, as an administrator, you will also have the matching privileges, such as inviting and deactivating the account at any time, you can see the history of all related users, including recharge, consumption records, document comparison reports and more.
  • TOP-UP
After seeing the powerful but intimate features of the Matteroom Compare team, is it eager to try? The account top-up function is only available for the team version, the Leader top-up, the whole Team use. registration to get the coupon of ¥10+, and the greater the top-up amount, the more the amount of the bonus.
  • Data Security
When it comes to historical records, the data security issues that are closely related to it have to be mentioned. The data of Matteroom Compare is stored in Microsoft Azure, and the uploaded document data is automatically deleted after 24 hours, which strictly protects the privacy of user data, and users can rest assured document comparison.

From the above new highlights, I don't know if you feel the simple and smooth design style of the Matteroom Compare interface. The UI and UX designers of the Matteroom Compare team abandoned the unnecessary design elements for the user, only to allow the user's eyes to focus on the core information of the interface, while feeling the beauty of pleasure.

! Bonus: After registering Matteroom Compare team version, you can get more discounts by replying to the registered email address in the public number background!

Matteroom Compare is backed by Workshare Compare technology, providing professionals with the world's leading document comparison solutions. Matteroom Compare takes simple, fast, and secure solutions to the next level, offering customers a “Paper Compare”-based solution as a pay-per-view service that can be compared without the need to purchase annual licenses or any additional fees. Now, enjoy how Matteroom Compare can ease your work.
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