Conflict Search


Pro is a DNA
Conflict Search indexes 100% of the Practice Management data, providing powerful discovery capability to quickly identify conflicts by context. The system provides an outstanding workflow with an intelligent notification methodology to ensure all Partners' consent can be obtained within hours. A full audit trail is also preserved for compliance purposes. The responsive design also ensures all work can be done via Mobile, anywhere, and anytime. The system also provides various configurations to ensure the best practices are adopted by your firm.


The system is built on top of Matteroom’s Big Data Engine which is capable of understanding the context of any structured and unstructured data. You can define the data scope by including Clients, Matters, Opposite Parties, Parent Companies, Controlling Parties, Timesheets, and even Documents.

The Pre-search function is a full search GUI that provides a unified view for users to search for any content. By providing powerful and intelligent filters on the fly, users can identify a conflict or non-conflict within seconds.

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Powerful Flow

Matteroom has a strong process management system capable of handling complicated approval logic and scheduling. All user interactions are fully logged to provide a full audit trail. This vital capability can also be easily scaled for large size firms. In fact, customers adopting the Conflict Search solution have reduced the average approval process time by 50% or more, helping the firm to be more competitive in acquiring new business.

Key Features



One-click approval

Partners or Conflict Check team can approve a single or batch of requests in One-Click on Web or Mobile. Upon all consent received, the One-Click “Matter Intake” button pushes it into Practice Management directly.



Big Data Analysis

Matteroom’s Big Data Engine can analyze the context of all data as defined in the Conflict Search scope. It indexes and understands every piece of content in real-time. Different from other database-driven only Conflict Search solutions, our engine is capable of processing any unstructured data, like documents and emails, to provide more relevant context to ensure accurate results.



Mitigate risks w/ restrict permission control

Every piece of content comes with an embedded ACL which ensures retrieval and search of certain information is ONLY available to the users with sufficient permissions or privileges.



Capable to consume any data

The whole system is built on a cluster of indexes. It can become a “Google” inside the firm to index any data from any systems and host billions of records. Due to this advanced architecture, the millisecond response time of any search is guaranteed.

Matteroom can help users quickly and efficiently identify potential conflicts of interest. It simplifies the approval process, eliminates lengthy tracking time, and significantly saves the time required to case filling.