Conflict Search


Matteroom Conflict Search system, based on the enterprise big data engine, is now stunning debut. Global team, experienced experts of big data compliance and global legal professionals work together to create a “Designed by users, use for user” Conflict search solution. According to user habits processing manage conflict of interest. Conflict search system can be selected to cover 100% of the inside data, real-time reminders and automatically through the approval. Conflict interest management will no longer be the pain point in legal industry, improve the efficiency of lawyers, comprehensive reduction of the hidden risks in the law firm.


The pre-search feature shows previous related cases and related information, like which lawyers worked them, to quickly determine if you can take the case.

It is able to quickly assess the new Matter via Pre-search, obtain all Partners’ consent in minutes and completes the Matter Intake in just few hours.

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Matteroom has a strong process management capability to track approval status. After the conflict of interest application, Matteroom will streamline the conflict of interest and automatically generate an approval form in addition to the process, so that the approval status is clear to show. Applicants and administrators can visually see the progress of the review and understand the status of the conflict of interest in real time.

Key Features



One-click approval, timely filing

Use Matteroom to complete the conflict of interest search and case filling through process management. Even though there is a conflict of interest, the auditor can still operate one-click-approval through the mobile terminal. Moreover, the applicant can be notified at the first time, and the system also supports the submission of the solution process.



Eliminate risks

Matteroom is able to narrow down the search results and provide different consequences through its enterprise search engine and unique filters.



Approve and audit the news anytime anywhere

Integrate global best compliance practices and concepts into the system, which helps the upper management to be able to oversight all structured and unstructured information by leveraging the embedded Policy Engine.


High Compatibility

Support all matter systems

Matteroom engine supports all matter systems and could connect to any matter systems, this implementation could be completed within a week. You can reach to the standard of the red circle immediately.

Matteroom can help users quickly and efficiently identify potential conflict of interest, it simplifies the approval process, eliminates lengthy tracking time, and significantly save the time required to case filling. Lawyers won’t get frustrated in Conflict of interest management anymore and it can comprehensively reduce the hidden risks contained in the law firm.