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Matter Management

All information stored is Matter-Centric. This makes it easy to access any data efficiently and collaborate better.

Project Management

We continue developing new features in a more Agile approach and are constantly developing custom templates.

Expense Management

Matteroom offers a Smart OCR add-on, which can automatically recognize figures and auto-fills all data.

Billing Management

The system also provides “versioning”, by storing all data snapshots in each version, which can be analyzed later for customer behavior. And yes, it is LEDES compliant and provides an Export function.


Matter, Personal & Management Dashboards are driven by the same Analytics Engine. IBesides the standard Reporting, the Data Warehouse option is also available for large size firms.
Matteroom can help users quickly and efficiently identify potential conflicts of interest, simplify the approval process, eliminate lengthy tracking time, and significantly save the time required to case filling. Lawyers won’t get frustrated in Conflict of Interest Management anymore and it can comprehensively reduce the hidden risks contained in the law firm.