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Why your business should consider running on a Web Application

Updated: May 16, 2023

Are you a service firm owner or solution manager wondering whether switching to web applications is worth it? We understand that it can be a challenging decision, but here are some reasons why it might be the right choice for your business.

Web/Mobile App vs Desktop App

Web applications are software programs that run in a web browser, making them more flexible and accessible. No need to install anything on user’s computers when Desktop applications require installation and upgrade of the software on the users’ computers which makes it much more expensive from operating perspective. Mobile Apps are also built on the same architecture as Web Applications, using the same Server API to exchange data. It means no separate development needed on the server side. .

Industry Standard of Modern Application Communication

Web applications use the modern HTTP(S) protocol that everyone uses today, which is more secure than socket-based communications that rely solely on a single vendor to develop a non-standard protocol in the application.

Easy Integration with modern API

Integrating with other third-party software is more straightforward, which can help optimize business operations. In most cases, Desktop applications developed in the 90s, the age modern API did not exist, which makes integration with third-party software much more difficult and expensive.

Container-Based Hosting

Most legal software is "Server" based instead of "Container" based hosting due to some technology framework limitation. Container Hosting enables one Server's computing power to be shared with other instances, significantly lowering the total cost of infrastructure. The Server is just like a Complex Building. When Container is a room in the Building, the Building can be owned by one "Rich" family or host multiple tenants to share the cost.

Foundation "Cracks"

Desktop applications may be built on programming frameworks and operating systems that have reached or have reached the end of life. While software providers may continue to patch the software as a workaround, it “fatties” the software and causes slowness.

The Best Only Offer Web Applications

Companies like LinkedIn, Salesforce, Microsoft, Google, and iManage Only offer Web applications when some of them are retiring or have retired legacy Desktop applications because they recognize the security, efficiency, and cost savings that Web applications offer.

Operation is essential for every business, Are you ready for the change?

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