Practice Management


Pro is a DNA
Matteroom provides ONE platform to take care of your operation needs for firms of all sizes. Matter-Centric drives team players to better collaborate with Time & Billing, daily operation data, and user behaviors are all preserved in ONE backend to ensure data integrity and compliance throughout the whole organization. Matteroom’s Big Data Engine powers effective Analytics to help management discover the financial insight anytime on a project, team, practice, and firm basis. Our unique connector framework extends the application to well-known working platforms seamlessly, including iManage, Office365, and more.

Project Management

Milestone & Task Management intuitively define the project schedule in phases. The team can quickly understand the progress and identify any risk, or pitfalls. Timekeepers can simply launch Clocking to tie billable hours to each task, which generates the Timesheets semi-automatically. Task Code is also incorporated to help Financial Analysis and can be conducted via Analytics Dashboards.

Clocking & Timesheet

Timekeepers can clock anywhere and anytime using our mobile app and Office Add-on. The clocking feature is 100% device-independent and works across platforms. The user can start clocking in his mobile app at a client’s meeting room and close the clocking in their Outlook Add-on via their laptop at home. It also seamlessly integrates with Task Management & Timesheet. Timesheet can be managed on all devices and also supports LEDES.

Expense Management

Expense Management is no longer a painful process because expense submission and approval can all be done via the App, reducing overhead significantly and saving your administrative support staff from the physical “Paper Ocean”. This module also offers Smart OCR Add-on, whereas digital photo receipts can be auto-recognized and populated into the system, saving hours on boring data entry. Our Single Expense Rejection also makes the approval process much more efficient.

Matteroom_Expense Management

Billing Management

Matteroom intelligently generates invoices combining billable hours and case fees. Even adjustments like tax or discounts can be handled on the fly. It supports versioning; tracks the payment behavior of customers, which can help management understand the progress of receivables; and discovers the financial insight even profile customers within the Analytics module.

Financial information is critical. With visual presentations related to bills and payments, Matteroom enables management to track the financial status of each matter/project anytime, as well as key performance indicators such as available budget, billable & non-billable hours ratio, aging receivable payments, and more.

Matteroom complies with the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) and generates bills that support the global industry standard. In accordance with the law firm’s billing rules, it provides configurable templates and can be imported into other financial systems as well.



The intuitive KPI widgets can be presented in real-time, so key stakeholders can instantly appreciate the performance of an individual, a team, and financials of a single matter, practice team, or the whole firm. Matteroom provides Analytics against the ONE backend eliminating silo data to drive accurate business insights.

By gathering the data of each dimension, management can comprehensively view the firm’s operation profile. The more you know, the more you can act. The same engine also supports Conflict Search and can be extended into a full-blown Data Warehouse.

Industry-Leading Data Security

The American Bar Association (ABA) has held lawyers to the ethical and model rules of professional conduct since they were approved in 1983. The threat landscape for law firms, and businesses more generally, has increased as more and more of our daily life and work is conducted online. As you can see, there are regulations in place that lawyers must make efforts to protect their data, react when a breach is suspected or detected, and inform any clients that may have been impacted by the breach.

Matteroom is committed to keeping your data safe, both when sending and storing your data. All clients’ information & firm’s daily operation data are preserved in Microsoft Azure. Supported by Microsoft, we provides a secure connection when sending and receiving data.

Integrations with

Office 365
G Suite

Key Features



Eliminate Silo, a true digital transformation

Client, Opposite Party, Team Player, Document, Email, Expense, Task, Invoice, Payment, Calendar Event, and even Chatting history can be all preserved and stored around a project/matter and be easily retrieved via one search click.


Ready To Connect

Capability to connect and be connected

Unique Connector Framework helps Matteroom to quickly build connections to popular work or social collaboration platforms like Office365, iManage, GSuite, Slack and more.

Matteroom also provides Restful API to allow it to be connected by other applications too.


Big Data

True Big Data Applications

All daily operation data is preserved properly and indexed into ONE Big Data Engine to ensure it can be supervised by upper management.



Work anytime & anywhere

Mobility makes it a reality to work anytime and anywhere for all users. Most customers are able to cut 15%-30% supporting staff since adoption of Matteroom.

Matteroom Smart Management
A good system empowers the management of an enterprise to bring maximum work efficiency among the organization. The legal Industry especially requires more attention to be compliant on daily basis.