Practice Management


Focus on law firm’s working pattern, Matter-Centric, provides one platform to make all the work done. Teams of lawyers can collaborate more efficiently, at the same time, other departments (e.g Marketing, IT, Management Committee, etc.) can complete with jobs that match their own roles via enterprise-level rights management. Provides effective Practice Management tools, cost, revenue, project management, team performance all under your radar.

Project Management

The team of lawyers creates different workflow templates for different matter through Matteroom Task Management, which intuitively manages project progress and sets the target completion time for each phase. The person in charge can quickly understand the tasks and progress of each project member, and the whole case can be seen at a glance, greatly improving the efficiency of collaboration and reducing the cost of handover.

Clocking & Timesheet

Pro-active instead of Re-active, make it possible to work anytime and anywhere by Mobile Devices. Users can do the clocking by cross-devices. The timekeeper is continuing clocking even the user switches to different devices.

Matteroom seamlessly integrates with three of the most commonly used Microsoft applications for professionals – Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint. Users can use Matteroom’s Clocking & Timesheet, and Business Intelligence (KPI) functions directly in Outlook, Excel, and PowerPoint, whether on the web or client side to help you handle common business transactions, and perform operations such as recording and allocating work hours in the mean time.

Expense Management

Matteroom mobile APP enables users to process each expense at any time, anywhere, by using fragmented time. Including mobile phone scanning receipts and quick submission of expense requests, approvals can also illustrate the reasons when passing/rejecting. All notifications can be pinned and received by Ding Talk and WeChat Work to keep track of the latest status.

Matteroom_Expense Management

Billing Management

Matteroom intelligently generates invoices combining billable hours and case fees, even adjustments like tax or discounts can be handled on the fly. Also automatically save versions, collection records, and payment status , which can help management understand the progress of project payment.

Financial information provides professional service providers with visual data related to bills, enabling management to track the financial status of each matter/project online, such as internal budget (billable hours and expenses) percentage, billable & non-billable hours analysis, receivable payments and aging, and available budget.

Matteroom complies with the Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) and generates bills that support the global industry standard. In accordance with the law firm’s billing rules, it provides configurable templates and can be imported into other financial systems.



The intuitive KPI tracks milestones in real time, so key stakeholders can instantly appreciate the performance of an individual, a team, and financials of a single matter or the whole firm. Matteroom provides KPIs for each module to drive accurate business decisions.

Provide professional services providers with business-related data such as matters, billable hours, and financial statics. By gathering the data of each dimension, the management can view the information of the firm’s operation profile. The more you know, the more you can do.

Integrations with

Office 365
G Suite

Key Features



Adapting lawyer’s work habit, all data is around Matter

Document / Email Management, Project Management, Financial Management, Calendar Management, and even Chatting history can be presented with one key stroke.


Efficient Coordination

Making the work procedures into seamless workflows

Matteroom is able to narrow down the search results and provide different consequences through its enterprise search engine and unique filters.


Big Data

True Big Data Applications

All content are preserved properly and are supervised by upper management.


High Compatibility

Pro-active instead of Re-active

Pro-active instead of Re-active, make it possible to work anytime and anywhere by Mobile Devices. Work via Mobile Device, make the best use of fragmented time slots.

Matteroom Smart Management
A good system empowers the management of an enterprise to bring the maximum work efficiency among the organizaiton, Legal Industry especially requires more attendtion to be compliant on daily basis.