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Conflict Search

With 100% of the Practice Management data indexed, Smart Analyzer AI providing powerful discovery capability to quickly identify conflicts by context. 


Eliminate Silo, a true digital transformation


Work anytime & anywhere

Smart Analyzer

Your solution for mobile accident-computing

Auto Tagging

 Tagging entities with their corresponding type

Key Features



Our robust Pre-Search feature is powered by AI can auto-tag entities and be able to quickly identify potential risks by context.

Powerful Flow.png

Powerful Flow

MATTEROOM has a strong process management system capable of handling complicated approval logic and scheduling. All user interactions are fully logged to provide a full audit trail.


The American Bar Association (ABA) has held lawyers to the ethical and model rules of professional conduct since they were approved in 1983. The threat landscape for law firms, and businesses more generally, has increased as more and more of our daily life as work is conducted online.

Industry-Leading Data Security

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