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Practice Management

MATTEROOM provides ONE platform to take care of your operation needs for firms of all sizes


Eliminate Silo, a true digital transformation

Ready To Connect

Capability to connect and be connected

Big Data

True Big Data Applications


Work anytime

& anywhere

Key Features


Task Management

Task Management intuitively define the project schedule in phases. The team can quickly understand the progress and identify any risk, or pitfalls.

Practice Management_.png

Clocking & Timesheet

Timekeepers can clock anywhere and anytime using our mobile app and Office Add-on. The clocking feature is device-independent and works across platforms.


Expense Management

This module also offers Smart OCR Add-on, whereas digital photo receipts can be auto-recognized and populated into the system, saving hours on boring data entry.

Expense Management.png
Clocking & Timesheet
Expense Mgmt

Billing Management

Financial information is critical. With visual presentations related to bills and payments, Matteroom enables management to track the financial status of each matter/project anytime, as well as key performance indicators such as available budget, billable & non-billable hours ratio, aging receivable payments, and more.

Biling Mgmt


The intuitive KPI widgets can be presented in real-time, so key stakeholders can instantly appreciate the performance of an individual, a team, and the financials of a single matter, practice team, or the whole firm. Matteroom provides Analytics against the ONE backend eliminating silo data to drive accurate business insights.

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