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Law firm best practice KPI-MATTEROOM releases KPI tailored to law firms

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have always been an important indicator for measuring the performance management of individuals or organizations within an enterprise.

Its powerful big data engin

e can be flexible access to any data source, for any case management system, document management system to provide a built-up KPI index template.

# MATTEROOM KPI also provides performance indicators for the following three directions.

For example:
1. Client growth rate
2.Dormant client percentage
3.Number of matters per client
4. Growth in top clients1. Revenue per square foot
5. Revenue per matter
6. Revenue per employee1. Weekly customer/case timing total
7. Human resource utilization and availability
8. Average billing ratio
9. Project budget overrun warning 10. iManage Work KPI

MATTEROOM flexible features enable access to a structured database or unstructured file server for plug-and-play. This rapid application is the law firm's ability to fight, without the need for long-term deployment, to fully present business insights such as cases and user performance.

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