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enables you to achieve operation excellence

MATTEROOM is a SaaS tailored to the needs of professional firms of all sizes. Whether in Legal, Accounting, Engineering Design, Digital Marketing, or Consulting, MATTEROOM offers affordable and cost-effective solutions to simplify daily operations. From Time and Expense tracking to managing Billing and Finances, We've got you covered! 

Our Analytics platform delivers real-time data insights with actionable intelligence for firm leaders. We prioritize affordability, user experience, and security to ensure efficiency and success. 

Approve a Bill
Submit a Timesheet
Create an Expense

Project management

Never be confused about where your business funds are being spent. We provide you the details of the expenses.

Track Expenses & Bills

Track Expenses & Bills

Save Your Time

Save Your Time

Clocking in Mobile App, Office AddOn, approves expense and invoice with one click in Social Chat, convenience is the key for your and our success.

Business Insights

Business Insights

Our Analytics engine helps you to understand business insights with less effort and our clocking, expense, and billing save significant time on daily operation.

Organize Your Work in A Meaningful Manner

Start your Multi-currencies Financial Empowerment today

Experience the ultimate multi-currency solution for simplified billing, efficiently handling all currency conversions like a breeze. We automatically convert all items into the billing currency and our analytics helps you to easily track cash flow, revenue, and more.  Join us now to take control of your finances.

Conflict List
Activities History

Smart Billing - Reduces your operation cost by 30%

Smart billing automates your billing process for a variety of fee arrangement types. Try MATTEROOM's "Smart Billing" feature eliminates delays for efficient billing.

AI Conflicts Search 

Enhance compliance and mitigate risks with our Azure OpenAI-powered Conflict Search. Gain instant access to comprehensive entity information, proactively identify potential conflicts, and optimize your intake and KYC processes for a competitive edge.

Analyse Customer Behavior

Analyze Customers Behavior

It tracks all customer/contact activities, incorporating billing information, all data can be analyzed from different angles in real-time with CRM.

Smooth Workflow Helps You Work Efficiently

Having different workflows helps you to work smart and easy. No more worrying about piles of works.

Customers stories
Jnvlegal-Andre Raquel.jpeg
André Santos Raquel

 JNV Legal

What Our Clients Say...

"We need a legal practice management software that could make our firm’s operation more efficient, collaborative and strategic. We chose MATTEROOM, after careful evaluation, and we now have a cloud-based, intuitive and innovative Operating System that saves us a great deal of time, allows us to better focus on our business and serve our clients. MATTEROOM mobile app enables us to access information and track time in a simple way, anytime, anywhere, and billing allows us to track financial data instantly. We now have everything in one place, this makes it easier for lawyers, accountants, and everyone in our firm.  MATTEROOM also provides out of box integration with iManage Work that made our transition smooth and easy."

JNV - Lawyers and Notaries is a leading law firm established in Macau since 1970. The firm is one of the largest and most renowned firms in Macau, with a strong reputation for proactive problem-solving.

Design Your Workflow

We integrate with various popular third-party applications to help you improve your workflow so you never have to leave MATTEROOM. 

Transform your work convenience across diverse platforms, anytime and anywhere, with five powerful applications- web, mobile devices, Teams, Outlook Addon, and Office AddOn.  Professionals widely acknowledge the efficiency in fostering focus, acquiring new clients, and successfully closing deals.

5 Apps


900+ million


Optimize Work Productivity

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