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Matteroom helps professional service firms run their full operations on one comprehensive system. Our One Backend Architecture powered applications built on the Matter-Centric concept make it easy! Manage and organize all functions such as Conflict Search, Matter Management, Project Management, Clocking & Timesheet Management, Expense Management, Billing, Customer Relationship Management, Reporting, and Big Data Analytics across all devices, all in one solution.
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Practice Management

Matter Management

All information stored is Matter-Centric. This makes it easy to access any data efficiently and collaborate better. Many best practices are built into the system so all user activities can be enforced according to the Policies. Documents and other digital assets are guaranteed to be stored properly around a matter, while financial and performance KPIs can also be accurately presented.

Project Management

Like the backbone of any quality Practice Management Solution, the system supports industry-standard task code but also supports customized code and integration. Clocking can be triggered directly from a task and automated social collaboration platform notifications are supported as well. We continue developing new features in a more Agile approach and are constantly developing custom templates.
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Clocking & Timesheet

The clocking function is cross-device and cross-platform; so you can record, track, and distribute billable hours anytime, anywhere via Web, Mobile App, and Office add-on. It also supports minimum billable minutes, self-configuration, and clocking accumulation. We are integrating with other applications like Phone Systems, Outlook, and Messenger to make it more intelligent.

Expense Management

Not like other systems offering tedious data entry, Matteroom offers a Smart OCR add-on, so you can take a photo of the receipt in the Matteroom App. It automatically recognizes figures and auto-fills all data. Authorized users can approve a single expense or the whole expense report via App, too. This module also supports Payment Request processing.

Billing Management

Bill generation can be “one-click”, as it intelligently pulls in all fresh eligible billable hours and expenses. Its "backlog" feature also makes editing easy. The system also provides “versioning”, by storing all data snapshots in each version, which can be analyzed later for customer behavior. And yes, it is LEDES compliant and provides an Export function.


Matter, Personal & Management Dashboards are driven by the same Analytics Engine. It comes with an industry know-how library. Besides the standard Reporting, the Data Warehouse option is also available for large size firms. To adopt this extension enables Matteroom to process billions of data records and be able to provide near real-time results.

Conflict Search

Conflict Search indexes the Practice Management data and provides powerful discovery capability to quickly identify conflicts by context. The system provides effective workflow with intelligent notification methodology to ensure all Partners' consent can be obtained within hours. A full audit trail is also preserved for compliance purposes. The responsive design also ensures all work can be done via Mobile, anywhere, and anytime. The system also provides various configurations to ensure that best practices are adhered to by your firm.


A client-centric CRM simplifies the complex process into only two stages. First, it tracks all customer/contact activities incorporating billing information, like payment terms & discount levels to determine each customer's behavior. Secondly, it tracks profits and other financial contributions to present your customer value digitally. Matteroom’s CRM uses the same backend as Practice Management. This design ensures all data can be analyzed from different angles in real-time which can increase the cross-selling opportunities in large size firms as well.

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