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A partnership delivering a turnkey solution for mid-size firms

We are pleased to announce that MATTEROOM is partnering with

MayoHR (6738.TW) to enhance the HR experience for businesses, particularly in addressing critical challenges related to payroll, employee management, and compliance with complex tax laws.

In today's human resources industry, labor costs are indispensable to every company's operation. Given the intricate nature of tax regulations across jurisdictions, companies of varying sizes often deploy diverse HR applications. The calculation process, although straightforward, can be labor-intensive. Committed to helping enterprises in their HR digital transformation, MayoHR (6738.TW) is renowned for its robust HR system - Apollo HRM. This system brings profound expertise in managing employee-related data and is pivotal in accurately calculating the costs associated with each partner and team member. MayoHR's data integrates into MATTEROOM to enhance productivity, fortify the Analytics feature, and drive the accuracy and efficiency of revenue and cost allocation inside a firm.

By leveraging MayoHR's proficiency in complex HR processes and compliance, MATTEROOM is strategically positioned to elevate its systems and deliver a comprehensive solution to its diverse user base



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