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MATTEROOM delivers LegalTech innovation with Microsoft OpenAI

Updated: Jan 9

Lawyers in the legal industry must handle various administrative tasks such as project timing, billing, accounting, regulatory inquiries, and conflict of interest inspections. These tasks consume a lot of valuable time and resources, which is why legal technology (LegalTech) has emerged as a new global trend. Law firms are now looking to incorporate technology to improve their business efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. With the recent advances in generative AI, the legal profession is again experiencing a digital transformation. "MATTEROOM" is a legal technology software that uses Microsoft Azure OpenAI service to assist legal professionals in significantly reducing the time and cost of general affairs. It helps them provide efficient and high-quality legal services. 


Azure OpenAI has diverse applications, accelerates innovation, improves efficiency, and creates business value. 

Optimistic about the development of the legal technology service market, MATTEROOM has joined hands with Microsoft to use Microsoft Azure to build the business system. Clients can benefit from a reliable and cost-effective cloud platform that avoids the high cost of developing a new system. This platform simplifies daily operations and facilitates digitization. Through MATTEROOM, law firms can use the Azure OpenAI service to strengthen the conflict of interest checking tool. When performing preparatory work for case acceptance, the client and other firm cases can be completed through intelligent analysis of the natural language and complex data in the database. The analysis of potential conflicts of interest and risk competition has successfully improved the manual operation mode of law firms in collecting client information through search engines in the past, and the operation time has been shortened from hours to seconds. In addition, MATTEROOM has also integrated Microsoft 365 to automate work processes such as billing management and personnel performance insights, saving 30% on administrative labor costs such as secretarial and accounting. 


In addition to the above applications, Azure OpenAI services can provide more application scenarios in legal work: 


Case data and document analysis: Extract data from past cases and use AI to analyze trends, verdicts, and successful strategies to help lawyers understand the context of the case and develop more effective strategies. 

Client demand and case type prediction: Using AI to predict client demand and the potential market for legal services and case types and legal issues helps lawyers better understand client needs. 

Strategy formulation and optimization: Optimize case management based on AI analysis results, formulate effective legal strategies and resource allocation, and better manage cases. 

Automatic generation of contracts and documents: Use AI to automatically generate legal documents and contracts, review and risk assess existing documents, and improve work efficiency. 

Risk management and compliance checks: 

Use AI to help assess legal risks and compliance issues, provide timely legal advice and risk warnings, and reduce risks. 


Jerry, Manager of Microsoft Taiwan's Global Partner Solutions Group, said: "It has always been Microsoft's goal to empower the entire industry with cutting-edge technology for intelligence and digital transformation. Cooperating with MATTEROOM will make smart technology more popular through Azure OpenAI services, building a stronger legal technology ecosystem. While developing AI technology, Microsoft is also actively engaged in AI governance and uses AI responsibly, hoping to empower more industries to achieve excellence." 


While pursuing the innovation and efficiency brought by AI technology, ensuring that AI is developed and used with a responsible governance structure is even more critical. Privacy is an interest advocated by the legal community. MATTEROOM is based on Microsoft security technology and adopts a single-tenant architecture to ensure that customer data is completely isolated from each other. It uses Azure Key Vault to enable customers to use their private keys to encrypt all files and databases 100% while providing multiple identity verification to protect data security, complying with strict global security compliance standards. Under the cooperation framework with Microsoft, it can more proactively monitor and implement real-time threat response mechanisms to detect and defend against potential security risks to ensure the system's stable operation. 


Empowering local law firms through technology, MATTEROOM uses Azure OpenAI to build intelligent systems. MATTEROOM solution is built on the Microsoft Azure platform, currently used in the global legal community. Steven Wang, CEO of MATTEROOM emphasized: "Since development, we are committed to building a technological legal ecosystem. Through the high penetration rate of Microsoft, with solutions specifically designed for corporate users, combined with generative AI technology and forward-looking digital tools, we can help practitioners eliminate redundant tasks and devote more attention to the legal profession." 


Kunchou Tsai, Esq., the Leading Partner of Enlighten Law Group said: "Since the firm's services mainly focus on cases involving overseas clients, the most commonly used function since the introduction of the MATTEROOM in the past three years is its multi-lingual usage mode. This feature has been widely used in case management, and in terms of billing explanation and management, it can significantly shorten the time to prepare documents. MATTEROOM not only integrates the best workflows of many internationally renowned firms but also allows us to cope easily with the compliance requirements of international customers. In addition, MATTEROOM continuously introduces new functions, such as automatic billing and integration with Azure OpenAI, allowing law firms to use digital tools such as AI to optimize internal workflows further." 


Jeep Chen, Managing Partner of LST&C Legal, said: "With the vigorous development of the firm's business, we are looking forward to deploying a firm management system that is easy to use and can be in line with international standards. However, after nearly half a year of searching, just as we are considering developing a system of our own, I discovered MATTEROOM’s solution based on Microsoft Azure. It's well-designed with high-standard security compliance capabilities. MATTEROOM continuously innovates with new features and has real-time online support services. At an affordable price, it effectively meets expectations and addresses the system expansion challenges encountered amid our rapid growth”.  




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