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The Legion of Microservice Architecture

MATTEROOM is built on the foundation of microservice architecture, hosting each service in containers to form service groups. This contemporary application framework enhances affordability for cost-effective expansion. Each microservice dons iconic android characters from sci-fi movies. This adds a futuristic flair to our internal communication and invites our clients to engage in this interstellar gossip as they savor their coffee break.

Lucy, the Conflict Search service, can absorb vast data and identify potential conflicts during Matter Intake. Lucy is our Decision A.I. marvel, intelligently categorizing entities and integrating with OpenAI to auto-summarize entities.

(Optimist) Prime, the core service and gravitational hub of MATTEROOM orchestrates all requests, processes business logic, and serves as the central node for communication between FrontEnd Apps and other services. Optimist Prime is the Commander that ensures consistent interactions among the droids.

Jake, the Connector Framework service, is our intergalactic liaison connecting to third-party services such as Microsoft Graph API, Google, QBO, iManage, and NetDocuments. Like an Avatar bridging worlds, Jake ensures MATTEROOM integrates with diverse platforms.

Keymaker, the Notification (Framework) Service, opens portals for internal and external communications, processing notifications across different platforms. A guardian of interconnectedness, Keymaker, much like the Matrix, weaves communication threads.

Ava, the Decision A.I. service, unleashes the power of artificial intelligence, driving features like Entity Extraction. From Ex Machina to MATTEROOM, Ava transforms data into actionable insights.

Dredd, the Rules Engine service, enforces various policies and generates violations for downstream processing. With Judge Dredd's sternness, this service ensures order and compliance.

Alita, the Analytics service, boasts a Data Warehouse engine supporting the Analytics app. Much like Alita, agile but powerful, navigates through vast data, uncovering insights that propel your business forward.

Bishop, the System Monitoring service, is the vigilant overseer, monitoring all activities and ensuring container health, server performance, and detecting irregular logs. A guardian akin to the team defeats Alien, Bishop safeguards the integrity of your system.

The adoption of Microservice architecture, a phenomenon embraced by social platforms and e-commerce giants in the early 2010s, has expanded its cosmic influence into the business software sector. This evolution presents startups with countless opportunities and competitive advantages, allowing them to challenge the Ancient Titans and carve their mark in the ever-expanding technology universe. Prepare to transcend the boundaries of conventional software – the stars are the limit!

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