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MATTEROOM hosting at Taipei Bar Association Event: Microsoft copilot, Azure OpenAI

It was an honour to co-host an event with the Taipei Bar Association and Microsoft at Microsoft Office. MATTEROOM has partnered with Microsoft to develop legal technology software for the Microsoft Azure OpenAI service, bringing best practices and significant benefits to legal professionals. This collaboration aims to help lawyers reduce the costs of routine work and deliver efficient, high-quality legal services. The event focused on how Generative AI can enable lawyers to work smarter and faster while adhering to legal professional obligations across the Asia Pacific. Microsoft Copilot is empowering firms to achieve both productivity and security transformation. With close to 100 members of the Bar Association in attendance, the event was a resounding success. #microsoftcopilot #matteroom #matteroomsoftware #Azure #AI #Taipeibarassociation #Microsoftoffice #AzureopenAI #legaltech


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