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Overcoming Turnover Challenges

Let's face it: retaining 100% of your project team members over the years is nearly impossible. As people come and go, valuable knowledge and documents can disappear, causing headaches for companies trying to locate project documents or essential communications. This disorganization affects customer satisfaction and can pose compliance and financial risks.

  Effective document filing and management are factors in driving an organization's success. Whether you're in a consulting firm, an auditing agency, or a software company's professional services team, keeping project documents, communications, and knowledge bases organized and accessible is essential.


The Importance of Document Filing

Project delivery documents, client communications, and collaborative files are essential for any project. Companies can face compliance issues, financial risks, and decreased customer satisfaction without an organized method for filing and retrieving these documents. Regardless of industry, every organization requires an effective way to manage its documents to ensure that information is always easily accessible.


Matteroom's Integration with Leading DMS

MATTEROOM knows the value of an efficient DMS and offers integration with popular platforms to fit any budget. Whether your organization uses iManage Work, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, or another DMS. This flexibility lets you choose the best system without compromising document management. MATTEROOM'S integration feature offers flexibility in choosing the right system tailored to your budget, ensuring efficient document management without compromise


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